Site Plan

Welcome to the Grand Dunman, a harmonious blend of urban living and nature’s tranquillity. Our meticulously crafted site plan is designed to offer an immersive living experience that encapsulates the essence of luxury and relaxation. As you explore this page, you’ll discover the thoughtful integration of residential spaces with many lifestyle amenities, all thoughtfully placed to foster community, wellness, and serene living.

From The Nature Life’s lush landscapes to The Grand Life’s sophisticated amenities, every aspect of Grand Dunman is a testament to our commitment to providing a living space that is not just a residence but a sanctuary. With amenities that cater to all ages and interests, our residents are afforded the luxury of choice and the ease of access to their preferred pastimes.

Whether it’s the vibrancy of The City Life amenities, the tranquil retreats along The River Life, or the convenience of the Ancillary services, each feature of our site plan is a piece of the puzzle that makes up the exceptional Grand Dunman lifestyle.

We invite you to peruse the site plan, visualize the layout, and imagine the life that awaits you at Grand Dunman, where every day is an opportunity to live grandly.

“Step into Elegance, Embrace a Serene and Stylish Way of Living.”

Discover the enchantment of The Grand Dunman from a unique perspective with our immersive animation tour. We warmly invite you to embark on this visual journey that brings our prestigious enclave to life. Delve into the intricate details and experience the lush landscapes, opulent amenities, and architectural marvels that define our community. Begin your exploration now and see how The Grand Dunman isn’t just a place to live, but a space where life flourishes in grandeur. Join us on the animation tour and let the magic of The Grand Dunman unfold before your eyes.

Having witnessed the grandeur of The Grand Dunman through our animation tour, we now invite you to delve deeper into our community’s intricacies and thoughtful layout. Below is a detailed site map that meticulously charts every corner of this exceptional development. Explore the placement of each amenity, the layout of the living spaces, and the seamless flow of natural and architectural beauty.

Continue your journey through The Grand Dunman by navigating the site map, where your future home awaits, detailed to perfection.

Site Plan Map of Grand Dunman

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The image displays a detailed site plan for Grand Dunman, a residential complex. The plan illustrates the complex's layout and the various amenities, categorized into different lifestyle sections such as The City Life, The River Life, The Nature Life, The Grand Life, and Ancillary services.</p>
<p>In The City Life section, amenities such as a guard house, arrival plaza, welcome pavilion, scented garden, bio pond, and a touch deck are indicated.</p>
<p>The River Life section includes a grand pool, kids pool, wading massage pool, hydro massage bed, pool deck, aqua deck, jacuzzi, river pavilion, aqua gym, oasis lounge, and an outdoor shower.</p>
<p>The Nature Life section showcases recreational facilities like a treetop walk, BBQ pavilion, splash play zone, ranger tower (play area), tree house playground, pet house, pet fitness, reading pavilion, tennis court, forest courtyard, and an outdoor shower.</p>
<p>In The Grand Life section, facilities such as a jewel clubhouse, BBQ pavilions, service gate, secret garden, grand lounge, reading pavilion, and wellness lawn are present.</p>
<p>Ancillary services feature ramps to the basement, service ramps, emergency vehicle egress, refuse chute chamber, bicycle and motorbike parking, and various other utility and service-related inclusions.</p>
<p>The layout shows numbered plots which correspond to a legend categorizing the different types of residential units available, ranging from 1-bedroom apartments to penthouses, with some units featuring study rooms or dual keys.</p>
<p>The site is bordered by Dunman Road and is adjacent to the Geylang River. There are clearly marked entrances, exits, service areas, and drop-off points. The plan is marked as an artist's impression, providing a conceptual overview rather than an exact representation.

The City Life

  1. Guard House
  2. Feature Roundabout
  3. Arrival Plaza
  4. Welcome Lawn
  5. Scented Garden
  6. BBQ Pavilion 1
  7. Taichi Deck

The River Life

  1. Grand Pool
  2. Kids’ Pool
  3. Hydro Massage Pool
  4. Viewing Bridge
  5. Pool Deck
  6. Aqua Deck
  7. Jacuzzi
  8. Aqua Pavilion
  9. River Garden
  10. Oasis Lounge
  11. Outdoor Shower
  12. Pool Club

The Nature Life

  1. Treetop Walk
  2. BBQ Pavilion 2
  3. Splash Play Zone
  4. Rainbow River (Play Area)
  5. Tree House Playground
  6. 3G Outdoor Fitness
  7. Viewing Deck (Above)
  8. Terrace Ramp
  9. Fern Courtyard
  10. Native Courtyard
  11. Outdoor Shower

The Grand Life

  1. Tennis Court
  2. BBQ Pavilion 3
  3. Tranquil Pond
  4. Foliage Garden
  5. Garden Lounge
  6. Sensory Garden
  7. Reading Pavilion
  8. Wellness Lawn
  9. Jewel Clubhouse


  • Ramp to Basement
  • Entrance Ramp
  • Service Ramp
  • Service Gate
  • Bulk Meter
  • Genset Room (open to sky)
  • Side Gate 1 (To Dunman Road)
  • Side Gate 2 (To MRT / PCN)
  • Side Gate 3 (To PCN)
  • Side Gate 4 (To Dunman Road)
  • Passenger Lift 20 (Drop Off)
  • Passenger Lift 19 (Pool Clubhouse)
  • Passenger Lift 18 (Jewel Clubhouse)
  • Management Office
  • Fire Command Centre
  • Bin Centre (Basement 1)
  • Substation (Basement 1)
  • MDF Room (Basement 1)
  • Consumer Switch Room (Basement 1)